By using the website (the « Website ») and by giving your personal information to Neofarm Corp (« Neofarm »), you are agreeing to let Neofarm compile, use and communicate your information as specified in this privacy policy.

Neofarm does not sell, exchange or transmit your information to third parties.

Private Information

The term « private information » includes your name, forename, address, phone number, email, website, credit card or banking account number or any additional personal detail about yourself.

Automatically Collected Information

Neofarm automatically collects general information about your website usage. These details can include your computer’s IP address, your internet provider’s IP address, the Web browser used to gain access to the website, the date and time of the access to the website, the operations carried out while on the website, which sections of the Website were visited, the settings which are relative to the particular pages that were consulted on the site, the time spent navigating on each page and the content which was downloaded from the Website. These general information are collected automatically and are used to help enhance the Website or for marketing purposes, management of the Website and system administration. Neofarm may use all general information collected automatically to create a summary related to the Website’s usage, demographic data and user’s purchases.

Neofarm uses « cookies », which are little data files that are transmitted to your browser and that are kept on your computer’s hard drive to keep track of your usage on the Website and also ensure your security in regards to the user’s identification. All the information gathered from the cookies are used to facilitate the usage of the Website and to improve the user’s identification functionality when they access the « member’s area » for example. Most browsers will allow users to disable all cookies which are stored on their computer’s hard drive. Disabling cookies (which is not recommended) may prevent you from accessing or using the Website or may create some vulnerability in your data security.

Confidentiality of Personal Information

Neofarm agrees to implement all reasonable means to prevent the disclosure of any personal information that Neofarm hold from its member’s (excluding all legal obligations).

Security and Information Storage

Neofarm has adopted and put in place some mechanisms along with physical and technological measures to protect your personal information and to keep its confidentiality. All given information will be saved and stored in a controlled access space.

In spite of all the measure put in place by Neofarm, it is impossible to guarantee that all data are transmitted on the Internet in a secure manner. Neofarm does not guarantee or represent that all personal information provided by you will be transmitted securely, or that it is fully protected against interception, loss, misuse or alteration. Neofarm is not liable for any damage resulting from unsecure transmission, interception, loss, misuse or alteration of the personal information you send.


Subject to legal obligation, Neofarm will not sell to a third party the right to use personal information from its members. Neofarm will not transmit, without agreement of the members, any confidential information which could be use to get in contact with its members outside the Website. Members will receive messages from Neofarm only.

Changes Applicable to this Privacy Policy

Neofarm reserves its right to modify this privacy policy by posting a new Privacy Policy any time on the Website, and this without previous notice or liability to you or any other person. The collection, use and disclosure of your information by Neofarm will be subject to the version of the Privacy Policy which is posted and in effect.